A pair of Bacchanalian Pattern Sauce Ladles with die cast crest of Taylor. Made in London 1817, maker Paul Storr: 14.6cm, 139g. £2,250.

A cast set of Salt Spoons London 1871, Samuel Whitford, lion crest. 11cm, 107g. £995.

A pair of fiddle thread and shell Salt Spoons, London 1829, Morris and Michael Emmanual. 12cm, 67g. £160.

Small Ladle, London 1828, Lias Brothers, double headed eagle crest. 13cm 23g. £65.

Bright cut engraved Sugar Tongs, London 1802, no makers mark. 14.5cm, 37g £95.

A Shell End Skewer, London 1755, Herbert and Bailey. Lion crest. 23cm, 77g. £375.

Marrow Scoop, makers mark I G struck 4 times, London circa 1730, possibly John Gorman over overstriking another. Dragon crest. 22cm, 77g. £350.

Marrow Scoop, London 1730, Maker Samuel Hutton, Talbot crest. 22.2cm, 56g. £495.

Pair of miniature Salt Spoons, Celtic point, London 1907 maker A R. 6.2cm, 8g. £25.

A set of three late 17th Century Silver Miniature Casters, maker's mark RS, Possible Roger Strickland or Richard Shaw, London circa 1690. Taller Caster 6.7cm, 40g. £4,500.

A pair of Sugar Nips, London Circa 1760, Stephen Adams. M F., 12.8cm 34g. £250.

Fancy Backs Teaspoons, London 1760, Henry Brayley. 12.2cm, 94g. £785.

Pair of Salt Spoons, London 1859, Charles and George Fox. 12.1cm, 20g. £120.