This spoon it is a very fine silver gilt example. When spoons were made at this time the metal itself was the main cost. Silver was around and often over 5 shillings an ounce ( 1/4 of a pound sterling). The silversmith’s clients would have bought a spoon by size and weight, with the more affluent clients paying almost double for a 2 ounce spoon, than a one ounce spoon. It seems clients at this time liked to show off that they had a finer quality spoon, as nearly all trefid spoons over two ounces are gilded. This gilding is original. The spoon was made in London in 1708 by Thomas Burridge, it is 7.9 inches long and weighs 2 ounces 1 pennyweight (64 grams). 

Product Weight : 64g (2.06tr.oz)