The silver and glass bucket was made in Birmingham 1902 by Hukin and Heath and weighs a solid 1247g all in. The glass appears to be in perfect condition and has a star cut base. The silver band and handle are of a thick gauge and quality and the marks are also very clear on the body. There is a little wear on the handle marks, but they are still very clear. The piece measures 13cm from base to rim and is 17.5cm by 14cm oval in diameter and is 22cm tall when the handle is in the upright position.

I have found a rather fun pair of Ice tongs which you may like to go with the bucket. They were made in Birmingham 1910 by Hancock Brothers and are priced £180. They are spring loaded and when you squeeze the thumb pieces they open. They are flexible, but not flimsy and measure 19cm in length and weigh 44.5g.


Product Weight : 1.25kg (40.09tr.oz)