A magnificent 223 piece flatware set made to private order by Mary Chawner, incorporating in the dies of the family crest (a boar or wolf's head erased) possibly for a branch of the family of Regnales, Reynolds or Regnold. Subsequent additions were made at later dates maily by George Adams who in the intervening period had purchased the Chawner dies.
All the pieces are in good condition and the weight is excluding the steel bladed knives.
Contents include: 1 soup ladle, 2 pairs sugar tongs, 1 pair salad servers, 1 pair serving spoons, 2 pairs sauce ladles, 4 salt spoons, 6 egg spoons, 2 carving knives, 3 carving forks, 24 teaspoons, 24 dessert forks, 24 dessert spoons, 42 table forks, 24 table spoons, 38 table knives, , 21 dessert knives.

Product Weight : 12.85kg (413.07tr.oz)


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