A French Niello Snuff Box, Paris circa 1840. On the lid, Engraved with the Steam boat the FRANCOIS I , and engraved on the side  “Souvenir D’amitie Etrant Naples” and on other side 1840, and engraved on the base ”Souvenir dun voyage en Orient Entrepiris en 1839 Par P D”. 8.3cm long, weighs 108g.  £2,450.

Oval hinged box with crest of Ashetton, above initials RA., made in London 1793, by Phipps and Robinson. 7.5cm long, weighs 58g.  £950.

A very rare early Victorian Card Case, Birmingham 1847, by David Pettifer. Depicting Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford- on- Avon. Dimensions: 8.5cm  x 6cm, weighs 48g.    SOLD

Silver Oval Box with 2 Colours Gold Inlay and was made in Paris. It bears the charge and discharge mark for Paris 1762 -1768 and the makers mark may possible be that for Louis Joseph Lenhendrick.  Measures 7cm long by 3.2cm tall.  £1,850.

Reeded Nutmeg Grater, London 1833, by Charles Rawlings and William Summers. 5.4cm long. £2,250.

Circular Bougie Box containing wick used to light all the candles around the home. Made in London Cica 1775 by Richard Glanville., engraved with the initials J C  and arm in armour holding a dagger. 4.7cm in diameter, weighs 53g. £650.

A Snuff Box engraved with attractive diaper pattern, with unusual small rectangular fitting in compartment on exterior side. Cartouche engraved with initials JT in gothic script. Birmingham 1817, maker John Shaw: £2,150.

A shaped rounded Vinaigrette, engraved with a lake scene made in Birmingham in 1846 by Frederick Marson. 4.5cm long, weighs 23g. £1,850.

Rectangular Vinaigrette engraved with boats, Birmingham 1848, by Yapp and Woodward. 3.4cm long. £2,100.

Niello Box with river side and dog scenes and inscription, Russian 1896-1908, by Anitip Kuzmichev and assayed by Ivan Sergeyevich.  5cm long.  £1,250.

Castle Top Vinaigrette, Abbotsford House, made in Birmingham 1836 by Nathaniel Mills. £1,600.

A shaped rounded rectangular Vinaigrette engraved with a Lake Scene made in Birmingham in 1847 by Yapp and Woodward.  £1,850.

A silver Castle Top Vinaigrette of Kenilworth Castle. Birmingham 1838, by Nathaniel Mills. £950.

A William I V Silver Gilt Vinaigrette, of rounded oblong form with engine-turning, a small vacant oblong cartouche & an applied chased scroll border around the cover, the grille pierced with a flower head and scrolls. Made in Birmingham 1832 by John Tongue. Engraved inside lid, “Alexina Dunlop Craigton”. 4.4cms long. £1,150.

A Vinaigrette, with engine turning and cast floral border and engraved initials MAP in central cartouche, made in Birmingham 1836 by Nathaniel Mills. 3.9cm long, 28.5g. £1,150.

A Gold 15 Carat Ruler, Crayon Holder and Penknife, London Circa 1880, by Sampson Mordan, engraved with family crest. 8.2cm long. £1,400.

‘Egg’ Nutmeg Grater with screw fitting, , Birmingham 1812, by Matthew Linwood. Perfectly plain, 4.8cm long £1,650.

A Vinaigrette with floral grill and engraved initials in cartouche and basket weave engraving, London 1834 by Reily and Storer. £695.

Shaped rectangular Vinaigrette, engraved with a scene of buildings, bridge and boat, made in Birmingham 1845, by Edward Smith.  £2,750.

A thread edge cut corner Sauce Label for CATSUP, London 1831 by Charles Rawlings and William Summers. 2.5cm across. £210.

Port label with cast Dormouse, made in London 1986 by Brian Fuller. 5.5cm long.  £350.

Heraldic Lion and swag decorated silver -gilt Madeira Label, unmarked, made circa 1815. 6cm across. SOLD

Leaf Caddy Spoon with pierced gallery, made in Birmingham 1804 by Cocks and Betteridge. 6.5cm long, weighs 6g. £480.

An Acorn Caddy Spoon, made in London 1810 by maker Elizabeth Morley. 7.2cm long, weighs 10g. £795.