A bold English Mercury Twist Cordial circa 1730-40, the drawn bowl over a strong mercury twist stem. 16.1cm high.  £1,150.

A Special English Mercury Twist Cordial circa 1750, the cogwheel molded bowl over a Mercury twist stem and generous foot. 12.9cm high.  £1,150.

An Unusual English Wine, circa 1755, with a mercury twist stem on a generous foot, with cup shaped bowl. An unusual form. 16.2cm high.   £1,450.

Small English Mercury Twist Dram Glass circa 1755.  12.5cm high.  £850.

A scarce Waisted Bucket Bowl English double series air twist drinking glass circa 1750, with a mercury twist core surrounded by a Six part band of air-threads. Lovely proportions. 16.5cm high.  £1,350.