"Berry Spoons", so called because of the embossed fruit decoration in the bowls and for serving berries, came about in the mid 19th century by adding decoration to earlier spoons. This example would have been a plain spoon when it was made in London in 1792 by Duncan Urquhart and Napthalie Hart but the embossed decoration and foliate scrolls on the handle were added in c1850.

The gilding protects the silver from the acidity in fruit and they are perfect for serving summer berries.  This example measures 8.8" (22.5cm) long.

Berry spoon is a type of spoon having on the bowl an embossed decoration of berries or fruits and, sometimes, gilded interior of the bowl.
Most of these spoons were obtained embossing and chasing earlier plain spoons with fruit and foliate scrolls.
This practice started in mid 19th century and consisted in embossing and chasing bowls and stems of plain spoons with fruits and foliate scrolls.

Product Weight : 60g (1.93tr.oz)